Frequently Ask Questions

Q: When and how can I visit the center?

A: The Center is open to everyone during the five prayer times and during social events. Check the prayer times schedule to see the times.

Q: Do I need an appointment to visit the center?

A: No, you do not need an appointment. Everyone is welcome in God’s house.

However, if you are arranging for a visit with a group, a research project, media coverage, or request someone to answer questions, please contact us so that we can accommodate your needs.

Q: Can I join in prayers and social events?

A: You are welcome to join in prayers and social events, by all means. If you are not sure how to pray, you can ask any person praying to assist you. 

Q: Are there any required dress code I should know about prior to visiting the Mosque?

A: Conservative clothing is required (i.e. long pants and proper shirts) for both males and females.

Q: I am a female. Do I need to wear a headscarf when visiting the Mosque?

A: No. We only request conservative clothing. However, if you want to wear a headscarf as a show of support for Muslim women, you are welcome by all means. We appreciate your solidarity.  

Q:  Are there any etiquettes I should know about before visiting the Mosque?

A: We remove shoes before entering the Mosque, we don’t talk during prayer service, and men and women pray in separate areas.

Q: Can I arrange for a speaker to speak at my school or work place?

A: By all means. Contact administration

Q: Where can I find information and material about Islam?

A: Check our web link above. We also provide hard copy material. Contact administration


For any other inquiries or questions, please contact administration.